Da Hildesheim

Riceviamo da Hildesheim questo splendido messaggio: danke!

Dear Donato,
dear Serenalla and Rosalisa,
dear everybody at Viale della Resistenza,

having seen the terrible photos and videos from Cesena a lot of students and staff from our school wanted to show that we feel with you, think of you and simply show that you're not alone. We feel connected to you due to our long and successful partnership and don't forget you in this catastrophe.

Especially the students who most recently stayed with your students and their families were deeply moved. But also other students, families and staff here wished "to do" something as so many of us have been to Cesena in the past and/or have been involved in partnership activities when you came here.

Of course our support can only be a symbolic one.

We created a video to show that we're with you in our thoughts. I attach a still from that video here and will send the video itself via we-transfer as it's too large.

Our students also organised a cake sale to raise some funds for students of your school who may need some help now or for school activities that support affected families or students. Some families also wished to make some donations. Could you please give us a bank account to transfer that money into?

We hope that the situation is improving and that you all, your students and their families can catch some breath soon and will be able to look forward.

Greetings from your friends and partners in Hildesheim

on behalf of the Erasmus+ Team